Choosing a Managed Services Partner: A Closer Look at the Considerations

Over the next few months, we'll be taking a closer look at the considerations listed in our previous blog, 10 Considerations to Partnering with a Managed Services Provider. Our goal is to provide you with questions, considerations and facts that help you evaluate your managed services partner.

Be sure to check back frequently as we explore each consideration in-depth. 

Process Driven - August 17, 2017

It makes sense to choose a partner that is process driven, because process is what ensures consistency in the delivery of services. But, how can you go about determining if your potential provider is process driven?

A great place to start is within their sales cycle. Do they have a sales process, and will they share any details with you? If they have a process, are they sticking to it? The way processes are utilized within their sales cycle in often an indicator of wider company policies and procedures toward predetermined processes. 

If you aren’t invited to see their operations, request to tour the facility. Make a point to meet their technical staff and management, and ask to review some of the processes they utilize. Most importantly, ask about how their processes are documented and how they go about ensuring that they are followed.   

Posted by Chris Bradley at 9:44 AM
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