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  • Squash Interview Nerves Wednesday, April 11, 2018
    You have a great resume and a highly sought after skillset. Your recruiter just landed you an awesome opportunity.  Your resume got your foot in the door; now it’s time to sell your wor...

ProTech Talent Division

Talent Acquisition

Your company depends on people – after all, that’s who will distinguish your products and services in the marketplace. To maximize growth, you need the right team with the right specialized skills.

Jobs in Memphis, TN

The tough part is finding and hiring them – that’s why you need a partner like ProTech who can recruit, screen and hire for you. People and technology are our business. Since 1992, we’ve helped companies like yours find the right people with the professional or technical skills to match your strategic business needs, whether you need contractors, permanent new hires or project-based contractors.

  • Strong, experienced recruiting team – dedicated to sourcing contractors for your projects
  • ProTech’s proprietary 3Screen process – ensures candidates have the skills you need