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Approach & Process

Approach & Process


ProTech has a reputation for long lasting-client relationships due to our professionalism, experience and customer-centric, results-oriented approach. Our dedicated Account Managers personally ensure that all your unique requirements are met. They are involved in the interview and screening process and make the final determination on all resume submittals. We do not submit unsolicited resumes. Each candidate is thoroughly screened based on your specific requirements, The process includes a phone interview to determine if the candidate is qualified, interested in the employment opportunity, and within your specified salary range. We require them to meet with us in person to ensure that they have the professionalism, interpersonal and communication skills to perform the job function. We will check references whenever possible and submit the resume for your review.

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"I trust ProTech because they provide our school with a variety of options, and they recommend what they feel is best. The ProTech employees ask the right questions in order to provide the best solution for our school."
Scott Browning, Immanuel Lutheran School