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Screening Process


At ProTech, we take the screening process very seriously. We believe this is our key strength. We aim to provide you with the best possible talent and realize we have to do more than just send a bunch of resumes. We have developed a proven process for ensuring our candidates possess the skills they claim.

We use our 3Screen process to identify candidates who possess the right background, soft skills, and corporate values for the job. In other words, we take the time and effort to find the right candidate for you, your company, and your job opening. As a result, we have relationships with Fortune 500 corporations and close ties to thousands of people in the community since 1992.

What is the 3Screen Process?


An all-encompassing, three-part screening process used to narrow down the right job position for the right job applicant, developed exclusively by ProTech. ProTech’s recruiters assess potential discordance between the candidate and the company using a series of three, progressively intrinsic filters:


Step 1. Technical Recruiter prescreens using an in-house developed 32 point screening questionnaire. This screen includes technical and soft skills, such as leadership and communication.


Step 2. Use of ProTech’s proprietary online testing system and industry proven testing. This timed test is sent to the candidate via email and assesses the aptitude of the candidate in a given skill area.


Step 3. The final screen in the process is performed by a senior member of ProTech’s team. This final quality step is used to evaluate the candidate’s skill aptitude. This is an interview type session where the ProTech resource digs into the candidate’s background to determine skill ability, working with a team, leadership and communication abilities.


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“Our demands of specialized IT services have been met by the team of ProTech. They have allowed our company to expand and change with the ever changing times. Their expertise has kept us a step ahead . We would highly recommend ProTech to any business in need of a quality IT provider.”
Diana Moore, Compass Financial Advisors, LLC