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Direct Hire


ProTech is home to a team of seasoned consultants who know that permanent direct hire placement is a complex, nuanced art, and are empowered with the tools needed to exceed client expectations.


ProTech's search consultants specialize in identifying, attracting and hiring professionals to critical positions within companies across the country. We are driven by listening to clients' needs and working together to chart, and then navigate the wisest course.


Like every person, every company is inherently unique. At ProTech, our deep understanding of our clients' culture allows us to accurately identify candidates with the right combination of personality, expertise and initiative.


At its core, ProTech is about building authentic relationships. We've learned from experience that when strong relationships are in place, the highest level of teamwork and engaged collaboration are achieved. Exceptional results are realized.


People play a critical role in a company's competitive strategy. We appreciate the positive impact of building a cohesive team that is highly functional in today's business environment. To that end, we make it a priority to stay informed of trends and insights shaping the corporate landscape. The result ... relevant, timely, expert counsel for our clients.


We listen and observe. Our consultative approach allows us a high degree of flexibility and diversification for clients. Our search process objective is to provide consulting, coaching, leadership and ultimately outstanding candidates for our clients across the country.


Our promise to CLIENTS is to:

  • Lead the hiring process from start to finish in active partnership with our client.
  • Meet in person and establish a beneficial and mutually-rewarding relationship that attracts the right candidate quickly and provides a foundation for a long-lasting partnership.
  • Work internally to develop a job description and conduct research that allows us to focus on the most appropriate recruiting targets.
  • Establish timelines, mutual expectations, measurable results and a thorough understanding of the search process.
  • Debrief after each interview, handle scheduling logistics and counsel on making a compelling offer that will be accepted by the candidate.
  • Ensure the recruited candidate successfully resigns from his/her previous company and transitions seamlessly into our client's role.
  • Our Selection process objective is to provide coaching and leadership to talented candidates who may need assistance in finding a career that truly inspires them.


Our promise to CANDIDATES is to:

  • Guide them through every facet of the recruiting process.
  • Meet in person to obtain a thorough understanding of their professional and personal goals, future aspirations and areas of expertise.
  • Counsel on topics including interview best practices, "selling" past work experience and competitive compensation for the target position.
  • Debrief after each interview, handle scheduling logistics and walk through the offer presented by a potential employer.
  • Coach through the resignation process and the inevitable counter-offer that many recruited candidates face.


ProTech understands that in today's marketplace, your single greatest expense and investment will often be your people. Providing qualified, quality-driven permanent employees that match your vision is our job at ProTech. A large part of our role is to recruit professionals who not only match a specific/immediate requirement but will also become a valuable and dynamic addition to your whole organization for the long term.


ProTech handles your needs by advertising for you, conducting the initial interviews, and screening all potential candidates to whatever level you require including drug testing, background checking, skills assessment, and personal and professional reference checking.


ProTech's Direct Hire Talent services include:

  • Assessing hiring needs - our staffing specialists can help identify your company's needs and define positions to meet current and future requirements.
  • Sharing employment information - salary ranges, candidate availability and demand, and national hiring trends are all part of the services ProTech experts provide.
  • Identifying software trends – ProTech recruiters know the newest requirements in dozens of industries and keep abreast of technology developments.
  • Providing integrity in every placement - every ProTech placement accurately and honestly represents both sides of the match.
  • Sourcing scarce talent - the skills you need are in short supply, but ProTech recruiters have networks of current and potential job seekers to survey for leads.
  • Verifying experience - A hundred resumes is a nightmare, not a solution. Our recruiters verify the skills and work histories of available professionals and present a selection of bona fide choices.
  • Honest reporting - Our recruiters represent each candidate and each company honestly, enthusiastically, and accurately.


Our permanent placement candidates will match your technical requirements and more. We at ProTech value the personal fit between an employee's goals/needs and the company's culture and opportunities.


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"I trust ProTech because they provide our school with a variety of options, and they recommend what they feel is best. The ProTech employees ask the right questions in order to provide the best solution for our school."
Scott Browning, Immanuel Lutheran School