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2024 Staffing Trends


2024 Staffing Trends


At ProTech, our mission is to help clients source and hire the most qualified professionals while matching quality candidates with great opportunities. As experts in the field, staying on top of workforce trends enables us to bring our A-game to the table.


As we head toward the mid-point of 2024, the landscape of talent acquisition and staffing continues to undergo a metamorphosis. The workforce is searching for a dynamic blend of remote work, a meaningful place in a gig economy, and purpose and flexibility. Employers are searching for innovative thinkers, digital literacy, adaptability, and emotional intelligence.


Let’s take a closer look at the trends shaping the 2024 staffing landscape from a few of the top thought leaders in the business:


As in so many industries, the rise of AI is confidently predicted to have an impact on recruiting and hiring. SHRM anticipates a significant increase in AI-powered recruiting tools specifically designed for HR. The association also lists hiring for skills and a prioritization of employee retention as trends to watch.


Forbes includes AI as a top trend, but also predicts an emphasis on diversity, an intentionality toward hybrid work, and a reliance on upskilling (providing training programs and development opportunities to expand an employee’s abilities and minimize skill gaps.)


As we explore 2024 staffing trends, a return to the office is on everyone’s mind. However, employers expect pushback. Harvard Business Review predicts that employers will work to develop sustainable hybrid work strategies – or offer creative and impactful benefits to offset the cost of a full return to the office. The group further anticipates the collapse of the traditional career path, an integration of DEI into company structures, and climate change protection as an employee benefit.


Staying abreast of trends in staffing allows us to learn, adapt, and continue our mission of connecting exceptional talent with outstanding opportunities. We want to harness the insights we gain to help our clients shape their future! To find out more about ProTech, our services, our mission, and our people, please follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and be sure to check out our other blogs.