Managed Security

Managed Security Testing and Training

Your network and business data are crucial components to your business success. ProTech's Managed Security Testing and Training aims to keep your data safe from would-be hackers through a proactive approach. 

When your business implements our Managed Security Testing and Training, ProTech's cyber security expert will conduct in-person training sessions. These sessions are designed to educate your users about the threats that they may encounter. We will also provide valuable insights on how to identify Phishing emails in an effort to minimize risks.

With ProTech's solution, our cyber security expert also has the ability to test how likely your employees are to fall victim to hackers. We deploy routine Phishing tests that are tailored to your employees. If a user clicks on a would-be malicious link, they are automatically enrolled in an online security awareness training class. 

Cyber security threats are constantly evolving. ProTech's ongoing and proactive training can help keep security top of mind for your employees. This acute awareness can help reduce downtime, data loss and malware infections.

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