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ProTech's Managed Service Solution

Your IT infrastructure provides the foundation that drives your business, making it a crucial element in success. ProTech's Managed Services solution incorporates a group of services designed to proactively monitor, secure and support your business technology environment. By implementing our Managed Services solution you can extend the service life of hardware, minimize downtime and drive business productivity. 

In addition to making sure you have the right technology, we'll provide your business with strategic insight into your IT environment and assist with technology planning and budgeting. Our technology roadmap can help guide you through necessary enhancements to your network on a scheduled timeline. 

ProTech's Network Operations Center (NOC) houses a team of skilled engineers that monitor your systems and hundreds of key performance indicators. If something happens in your network, an automated alert is triggered which notifies our engineering team so that remediation can begin. ProTech uses secure outbound connections to connect to your network, allowing our NOC to remotely address issue as they arise. Through this connection, ProTech also has the ability to perform routine maintenance to keep your network up to date and running smoothly. 

Service Focus Areas

Our solution aims to address common business pain points and provide exceptional business value to our clients. We do this by focusing on five common areas businesses need help with.