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Meet Todd Via


Meet Todd Via

Across the country, businesses are increasingly at risk of cyber attacks. At ProTech Services Group, we are strengthening our security services with the hire of Todd Via as the Senior Vice President of Cybersecurity. ProTech recently transitioned into a Managed Services Security Provider (MSSP), and Todd is well-placed to spearhead our work providing exceptional protection to our clients.

As an MSSP, ProTech can more effectively identify assets that need to be protected, position the necessary protective technology, and provide security awareness and training. Through the use of cutting edge technology, ProTech is able to detect anomalies and security events quickly and efficiently, followed by a decisive response designed to mitigate any damage.

Todd is tasked with building a well-trained team, developing strategic partnerships with leaders in the cybersecurity arena, and offering internal education to ensure that all account managers understand the cybersecurity-related needs of clients.

“Todd is a highly regarded local industry leader with extensive experience in cybersecurity and technology consulting,” said Dan Weddle, President of the Board of Directors and President/CEO of ProTech Services Group, Inc. “We are proud to have him on board, as this strategic hire will greatly contribute to our company’s growth and enhance our organizational culture.”

A lifelong Tennessean and tested innovator, Todd’s experience prior to his work at ProTech included more than a decade as a managing partner of Pyx Solutions, a national provider of IT services, where he built a company dedicated to serving mid-market and enterprise customers. After the company was acquired by Venture Technologies and later by ConvergeOne, Todd continued his work in expanded roles. With hands-on experience in managing cybersecurity from the ground up and proven years coordinating teams and strategies in the field, Todd’s understanding of the cybersecurity realm is comprehensive and extensive.

“I’m excited that ProTech has given me the opportunity to build a holistic cybersecurity program to help clients with their needs and requirements,” Todd said. “Becoming an MSSP takes us to the next level as a solution provider in cybersecurity.”

Please join us in welcoming Todd to this new role!