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Meet your new Microsoft Office 365 Consultants


Take work off of your plate and improve your operations by enlisting ProTech, a Microsoft Partner, to handle your company’s Microsoft Office 365 implementation and support.

Why Microsoft 365?

  • Microsoft Office 365 apps are the industry gold-standard for office productivity tools. While other companies offer products that mirror some of what’s available through Microsoft 365, there is no other productivity suite that provides a comparable, holistic set of tools.
  • Your employees likely already know and love Microsoft 365. Programs like Outlook, Word, SharePoint and OneNote are commonly used personally and professionally, making the transition to these products comfortable and seamless.
  • The Microsoft Office 365 cloud is built for collaborative work. Whether your workforce is based out of one central office, homes across the country or remote locations around the world, your team can effortlessly work together using cloud-based resources and tools.
  • At the same time, the Microsoft Office 365 cloud allows companies more flexibly to adjust their license levels and make changes as their team grows and evolves. This can save your business money in the long run.

Why ProTech and Microsoft 365?

Migration & Implementation
Managed Services
24/7 Support

Unlike many Office 365 resellers, ProTech has a team of Microsoft O365 specialists dedicated to ensuring a successful implementation of the Office 365 Suite.

We know moving is a hassle, but our Microsoft Office 365 migration services require no packing peanuts or boxes. We make transitioning from your current provider to Microsoft 365 efficient and seamless. You won’t lose productivity, time or momentum as a result of your transition.

But migration services are only one part of the Microsoft Office 365 implementation process. Before your team starts leveraging Microsoft Teams to schedule meetings or Sharepoint to collaborate on Word documents, they’ll be fully trained by our team. We’ll impart our expert knowledge on your end users, making the day you transition even easier than you imagined.

We work in technology. With years of experience, we know that businesses inevitably hit snags. While we work to prevent any hiccups through our Microsoft Office 365 Managed Services, we simultaneously offer 24/7/365 American-based Microsoft 365 support. Free your IT team up to tackle your most pressing challenges – our Microsoft 365 support team make sure everything related to Microsoft 365 is running exactly as it should.

Think your team could be using Microsoft Office 365 apps more efficiently? Our team of Microsoft 365 Consultants can review your systems to ensure you’re using the tools to optimize your daily processes. From simple, inexpensive changes to leveraging tools you’ve neglected within the suite, our Microsoft Office 365 Consulting Services ensure current users get the most out of their license.

Did we say licensing? Managing contracts, adjusting user counts and adding services to your package can be a hassle. With the expert guidance of our Microsoft 365 Consultants and through our Microsoft 365 Managed Services, you won’t have to sweat when you sign on the dotted line. We partner with your business and help you make decisions about your licensing that serve your needs while optimizing your spend.

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    When it comes to Microsoft 365, we take our claims seriously. That’s why our team seeks and holds certifications that validate
    our expertise and enhance our customer experience. Our team is expertly equipped to meet your needs. See for yourself:

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