Cloud Computing for Dental Practices: Calming Concerns and Discussing Benefits

As cloud computing becomes more widely utilized, it is important for organizations to understand ways to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of a move to the cloud.

Cloud Computing is a hot topic these days, with interest shown across all levels of the organization and from large corporations to small environments, like dental offices. There are several benefits to moving to a cloud-based solution, but are they a good fit for your dental office?

Cost Benefits

The initial purchase price for a cloud-based software solution can be low, making it a less costly venture. The software solutions are typically a monthly subscription utilizing Software as a Service (SaaS). One key benefit of SaaS is that all software updates and technical support are included in the monthly subscription. This is great for dental offices that often don’t employ a technology resource on staff.

Minimal On-Site Technology

Cloud-based software relies on offsite servers that you access through the Internet to get to your patients’ information. This is much different than locally stored information on a traditional server. The solution is meant to minimize the technical foot print within your office and reduce the need for a local server. Your dental office will still need a local resource to store large images to be transferred to the cloud nightly. 

Internet Connectivity

With cloud software solutions, you rely heavily on your Internet connection, because of this, many clients fear that using a hosted software solution will be much slower than a local solution. A strong bandwidth connection and a reliable Internet provider can remedy this situation.

Shared Resource

Another key concern associated with cloud solutions is that your office is sharing the same computing space and resources as other clients. By choosing a trustworthy and certified cloud solution you can ensure that your system never runs slow and your patient files are secure.

Data Protection

One of the biggest concerns for a hosted software solution is data loss, either from an issue with the provider or malicious attackers. You should always backup your data you are sharing with the cloud with a trusted IT provider to ensure you're always protected.

Cloud software hosting is still evolving and some of the benefits of this model are still in the works. Developing the web-based imaging and radiography will be key to having a truly hosted environment that encompasses patient reminders, billing system, paperless data entry, and collection health history via tablet computers.

To learn if a cloud-based solution would be a good fit for your dental practice, contact our dental sales specialist.

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