Hit performance standards with Cisco Unified Computing System

As a Data Center Architecture partner of Cisco, ProTech is able to bring you the very best data center solutions available anywhere. Identifying the need for a virtual data center in your organization is the first step. Once you’ve determined how to increase productivity, implementing a Unified Computing System from Cisco will allow you to reach your business performance standards more efficiently.

A Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) will allow you to provide end­-to-­end optimization that will reduce hardware to be organized, computed and configured, and increase space and manageability for your networking tasks.

Imagine reorganizing your giant server systems, creating more physical and virtual space while simultaneously streamlining the process for management. Sound too good to be true? A Cisco UCS does just that, providing an integrated system that is configured through unified, model-­based management which makes for easier deployment, faster integration and increased movement between systems. The UCS platform consists of a trifecta of hardware, virtualized management systems and cloud-­computing storage for a complete data center solution.

Trusting ProTech and Cisco with your data center yields big rewards. Your data center is a key component of your business. As such an important element to your success, you only want the best. Cisco’s UCS provides a simpler, yet more advanced connection that is more intelligent and efficient in connecting and managing your data center. Through a proprietary SingleConnect technology, your LAN, SAN and management system are simplified into one link for servers and virtual machines.

Having the technology to manage all of your systems through one management panel increases workflow and productivity to your organization. This allows you to reduce your total cost of ownership by automating tasks and aligning service profiles to specific workload tasks. This allows you to manage tasks in your busy workload while maintaining policy­-driven standards.

Get started with your unified data system

Cisco UCS is your ticket to increasing management and reducing waste. Allowing your servers to be wholly optimized provides a data center that is functioning for your business at peak performance. Being able to effectively manage multiple data points from a single location or when you are on­-the-­go allows your IT systems to run more productively, reducing down time. In today’s fast paced, technology-­driven world, can you afford the risk that comes with an outdated data center? Our team of highly trained IT solution engineers is skilled in creating a customized data center solution for your organization. To learn more about our Cisco partnership, contact our Technology Services team.

Posted by Becky Babineaux at 8:47 AM
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