Networking for a New Job

In the current job market, most people rely on the help of others to find their next position. If you find yourself job hunting, here are a few tips to maximize your networking.


When you begin the process, you should know the line of you’re interested in pursuing. Then, contact people you know in your personal and professional network and ask for 5 minutes of their time. Tell them about your employment intentions, and set up a time for an in-person meeting or phone call. Ask them for advice regarding possible employment suggestions and direction. Listen intently and thoughtfully consider their suggestions. Be sure to express your appreciation for their help.


As you reach out to your personal network, research professional trade associations in the industries you are targeting for your next position. Determine when and where these associations meet in your area and research the topics covered at their meetings to determine if these associations would be helpful in your job search.

Social Media

In addition, search social and business networking sites such as LinkedIn and Plaxo to find old or recent connections. When connecting, be sure to personalize your network-invitation requests with a memory the two of you shared or a reminder of who you are. Once you’ve re-established your relationship, you can view the friends of your connections, and request an introduction to people at companies that interest you. Also make sure our social profiles are up to date. You should be consistently updating your profiles and remaining active. 

Looking for more tips and advice on finding your next opportunity? Visit our resource page or contact a recruiter!

Posted by Scott Strickland at 1:40 PM
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