Squash Interview Nerves

You have a great resume and a highly sought after skillset. Your recruiter just landed you an awesome opportunity. 

Your resume got your foot in the door; now it’s time to sell your worth. After all, who knows your story better than you?  This is the time when it’s acceptable to brag about your achievements. Your interview is coming up, but you’re nervous.

Nerves are often tied to feeling unprepared. Utilizing a repetitive method for answering interview questions can help with your confidence. Our recruiters recommend the following method:  

Situation. Action. Result.

Consider each point in the job description as a question the employer is asking. They are describing the issues they need fixed. Your goal is to demonstrate how you can solve their problems and how you will add value.

S – Situation: Think of a time in your professional career with a similar situation. What was the situation or issue?  Be sure to give details when possible.

A – Action: What did you do to solve the problem in the situation? How did you go about it? Who did you involve? Your potential employer wants to understand your decision-making process and problem-solving skills.

R – Result:  Describe the results of your actions in the situation. Be sure to elaborate on any leadership and collaboration skills you exhibited. Again, details are important. Describe how your actions created a positive result.

When interviewing, employers are looking for a good fit for their team. Soft skills are just as important as your technical skills, and employers will use behavior-type interview questions to see how you react in certain situations. Utilize the SAR Method to overcome your anxiety and thoughtfully answer each question fully.  

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