Strong Leadership and a Great Team Keep you on Top in Tech

Sometimes I feel as if I need to relearn my job every day – that’s the way it is in the tech industry. What’s cutting edge one day is yesterday’s news the next.

Even though you hire the best people to lead your teams, executive leaders in the tech industry still need to be current on technologies. This applies both to leading a company and recruiting new hires for an industry in which demand outpaces talent.

Stay on the cutting edge if you want to hire the best

Recruiting the best IT employees isn’t easy — these are the candidates with solid education backgounds and high skill levels that are greatly sought after. Simply throwing money at them won’t work. They need to feel that your company is a good fit. While you’re interviewing them, they’re also interviewing you. The top candidates are checking out your company’s culture, benefits, flexibility, job satisfaction and the type of projects they’d be expected to work on if hired.

Face it, the best tech employees want to work for the best tech companies – not the ones who are stuck on yesterday’s trends. Good benefits attract them – but just as importantly, they care about resume-worthy projects. Put a top engineer on a dull, slow-moving project and they’ll be gone before you can say, “Welcome to the team!”

Understand and motivate your team to meet customers’ needs

Companies’ top-level leadership are often removed from the day-to-day work being done in the trenches. This makes it easy to get stuck adhering to outdated policies and yesterday's successes. You can too quickly lose sight of changing needs and changing solutions; don’t let this happen.

Chances are, if you’re an executive you’re going to be interacting with your company’s top customers. It’s your job to truly get to know your customers. Attempt to understand how they think and how they manage their own business. You need to understand those customers’ wants and needs, and you’ve got to understand how those complex needs are evolving (sometimes even when the customers themselves don’t really understand it).

Not only do you have to understand these top customers better than anyone at your company, you also have to translate the customers’ needs into the right focus – and that’s the hard part. Being able to translate these needs allows you to motivate your team to come up with the right solutions for each customer.

Create the right atmosphere to stay at the top in the tech industry

  • Create an open culture where your tech employees know they can speak up about issues and/or concerns on a project.
  • Tap into your employees thinking – after all, tech companies have entire rooms full of experts.
  • Don’t micromanage – your engineers are problem solvers by nature and by profession. Make sure they have the right tools and the right information, then let them do what they do best.
  • Create a work environment that makes people want to come to work at your company because they know what you do makes a difference. 
Posted by Dan Weddle at 9:55 AM
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