Time to think about a move to IP-based/Cloud services for future telecomm needs

If you keep up with the telecommunications industry, you’re probably hearing that 2015 is the year that IP-based or Cloud services will overtake traditional legacy services.

If your business is using a legacy telecom service — an analog/landline system using copper wiring — from a major carrier like AT&T, Comcast or Competitive local exchange carrier (CLEC), you could be looking at increased costs in the future as these services are phased out in favor of IP-based services.

Revenues from traditional telecomm systems are on the decline and to counteract, carriers have announced intentions to migrate customers onto their IP-based networks. To encourage change, the carriers are marketing lines of next-generation services built around the Cloud. Customers not buying into a NexGen vision will face higher costs on legacy services, and eventually will be forced to switch platforms when the legacy services are permanently retired. 

The FCC is already hearing proposals from the Telco’s on their IP-based migration strategies. These strategies must address how customers in metropolitan and rural areas will be affected by the changes.

Some major advantages come with a switch to a cloud-based system – it’s simpler, more flexible, is quick and easy to integrate. And, as long as you have a good Internet connection, the quality is usually about the same.

Landlines are reliable and many businesses like the familiarity. They do, however, come with a lot of hardware and maintenance usually requires an outside party.

If you’re still using an analog telephone system, you should be having discussions about a plan and timeline to migrate to IP/Cloud services. The Carrier Services team at ProTech Systems Group has more than 14 years invested in the telecommunications industry and can help guide your business forward in the best and most efficient way.

Posted by Becky Babineaux at 10:00 AM
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