Understanding Your Business Technology

Most business owners aren’t familiar with their technology environments. This can cause a lot of fear surrounding technology and the unknown issues that could arise.

Consider your initial reaction upon learning that your current technology isn’t protecting your business data from serious security vulnerabilities. You’re probably panicked just thinking about it. What if you learned that 60% of your employees spend up to two hours a day on non-work related sites. You’d probably be shocked and at a loss for how to fix it.

These examples are common scenarios we see every day and it’s a result of business owners not devoting the time to understanding their solutions.

With technology constantly evolving it’s not uncommon for business owners to only start paying attention when big issues arise like Ransomware, downtime, or data loss. These can cause even more anxiety because owners usually aren’t sure what caused those occurrences.

Site Survey

In order to become more familiar with the customer’s solutions, we recommend business owners find a trusted IT advisor to perform a site survey.This is designed to help business owners and prospective solution providers identify problems in the environment, so recommendations can be made to help solve those challenges. The survey serves the additional purpose of educating the client on their network’s current status and how it could be affecting productivity, morale and corporate security.

This is an incredibly important step when you consider that 9 out of 10 site surveys we perform expose security risks.

Reliable Support

When deciding which IT support methodology is right for your business, be sure that whoever you choose spends ample time learning and understanding your network. This foundational knowledge will help inform future initiatives and technology implementation while addressing current issues and security holes.


Transparency is very important, and a must-have quality in today’s IT support. Business owners should stay informed on issues that arise in their network and remain educated about the technology that powers their business. By understanding the tools it takes to run their business, owners can work with their trusted IT resource to plan future budgets and technology roadmaps. This step in the process can help mitigate reactive spending and allocate resources for strategic technology implementation in the future.

Many companies choose Managed Service Providers (MSP) because of experience with these steps. Whatever methodology is right for you it is important to have a trusted IT advisor that will help calm those fears, enable your business to be more productive, and cure your fear of technology.

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Posted by Jason Smith at 10:49 AM
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