We're a Customer Service Company that Sells Technology

In the age of technology, it can be easy for us to forget the importance of personal interaction, communication and contact. Although this can be said about all industries, it rings a bit truer when we discuss the industry that produces the technologies that seemingly separate us.

A strong focus on customer service helps reach through this divide and reassure clients that we see more than their network and tickets; it reminds clients that we see them. At ProTech, we know this to be especially true which is why we utilize every opportunity to connect and serve our customer base.

Customer Needs

Understanding our customers’ business goals allows us to view our clients holistically, not just as a trouble ticket. This understanding also allows us to be proactive, rather than reactive, when providing solutions specific to their needs. It also gives us a window into the unique procedures and processes of each company we serve. By implementing procedures for problems that clients routinely experience, we can keep resolution times at a minimum.

We take the time to understand customer needs from an interpersonal perspective. We know our clients need solutions from people who understand their business and their goals.


Our goal is to keep our clients aware of any issues that may arise. We provide frequent client updates, phone calls and drop-ins. Our clients are never left in the dark; we make sure that they are kept up-to-date on any project or ticket we’re working on.

This may sometimes seem excessive, but in a time when knowledge is power, our clients appreciate the effort put into keeping them informed. It allows them the luxury of focusing on their businesses while we focus on their technology.

We believe open and frequent communication builds a better rapport with clients. Open communication is critical to not just solve issues as they arrive but also help us proactively establish procedures to keep them from happening in the future.  Expediency is always important, but consistency is our goal.


We know that frequent communication keeps our clients confident and comfortable with our work and solutions. Keeping the client well-informed of situations and potential Gotchas is a crucial step in making sure that everyone knows exactly what is occurring within the network and can help us make the best decisions for each company.


Client feedback is one of the most valuable assets for any business.  We do more than collect data; we use it to improve our processes and procedures.

We encourage our clients to give honest feedback. A strong customer service department relies on unfiltered truth and communication to improve, and at ProTech, we are always striving to improve. 

Personal customer service in a technology-driven world can seem almost impossible, but with the right team and tools, we make sure that every client feels our impact in their business.

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