If you're employees can't work, then your business can't function. Our productivity services aim to keep you functioning and working at all times, and when issues do arise, we work quickly to solve them.

Remote and Onsite Support

Any issues that arise in your network will be handled by our Network Operations Center. They will work to solve the problem remotely. If a solution cannot be reached, an engineer will be dispatched to your office to resolve the issue.


Systems Management

Our sophisticated monitoring and management tool notifies our Network Operations Center when something goes wrong, so we cna remedy the issue before it affects your productivity. We also keep a running inventory of and regularly update your solutions to ensure your environment is secure and running optimally.


Schedule Server Activity

We want to make sure that your business is always running smoothly. By scheduling server activity, ProTech can ensure that your critical applications are up to date and performing properly.


Administrative Network Support

Partnering with ProTech give you access to engineers with years of experience desiging, implementing and supporting networks based on proven best practices. We become your IT department, help you focus onyour business while we focus on supporting it.