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ProTech Announces Name and Website Changes to Reflect New Direction


MEMPHIS, TN, September 17, 2019 – ProTech Systems Group, Inc. announces new name ProTech Services Group, Inc. to better reflect company’s offerings.

Following leadership changes earlier this year and the unveiling a modernized logo, Memphis’ largest IT provider has updated their name and launched a new website.

“The change from ProTech Systems Group to ProTech Services Group is a great reflection of the overall industry changes to more service-focused offerings. We’ve been moving in that direction for a couple of years now, so the new name more closely aligns with what we provide for our clients,” said President and CEO Dan Weddle.

In addition to the company’s name change, ProTech has launched a new website that further expounds on the services messaging and highlights the areas that it can provide value for businesses.

“Our previous site showcased where we were a couple of years ago: focusing more on products and solutions,” Weddle explained. “The new site is really about the ways in which we can assist businesses with reaching their technology goals.”

While its name is changing, ProTech will still be focused on providing great customer service and custom technology solutions designed for each business.

ProTech Services Group is a local, business services company focused on meeting the technology needs of Memphis-area businesses. With almost 30 years of experience, ProTech has built a comprehensive set of service and solution offerings to help business owners achieve their goals and initiatives. To provide a complete business technology solution, ProTech offers managed services, technology and consulting, security services, cloud services and talent acquisition.