Cyber security threats are constantly evolving. ProTech's Managed Solution employs several security tools to help combat common threats like malware, Ransomware and viruses. Our tools work together to give us a complete look at the overall health of your network while allowing us to block potential threats. 

Managed Security Appliance (Firewall)

ProTech's Managed Security Appliance protects your network from external threats through network firewalling, web content filtering, intrusion prevention and comprehensive usage reporting. This helps keep threats out of your network and your business data safe.


Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Instrusion detection and prevention allows our engineering team to know when an external threat is attempting to enter your network, allowing us to work quickly to prevent entry and keep your business up and running. 


Web Content Filtering

With web content filtering, ProTech blocks dangerous and blacklisted sites so that your users can't access or download dangerous material. We can even block websites that reduce workplace productivity, so your team is always working.


Routine Penetration Scanning

By regularly scanning your network, ProTech can help identify and repair gaps in security that pose a threat to your business. This proactive approach is a critical part of your IT support as threats evolve quickly.


Inbound and Outbound Email Filtering

Your inbox is the easiest way in and out of your network, making SPAM and viruses an ever-present threat. To keep malware out and important data in, ProTech offers inbound and outbound email filtering. We block incoming emails that pose a threat, and you tag important data that's for internal use only.


System Antivirus

Antivirus helps to protect your network from external threats while also extending the life of your equipment. With auto-maintenance every three days, ProTech makes sure your computers are always running smoothly and your business is always protected.


Systems Patching

Your computer is only as good as the software and operating systems you have running on it. One critical aspect to our security approach is systems patching. ProTech's team pushes patches routinely to ensure that there are no holes in your security and your software is up to date.