Security Threat Assessments

Security Threat Assessments

Cyber security is becoming of paramount importance for businesses of all sizes. As cyber threats evolve, it's important that your business stay up to date on the latest cyber security initiatives. ProTech works with businesses to understand the assets that are critical to their business and how best to protect them. Our Security Threat Assessments aim to identify areas for improvement in your network environment. ProTech's team will analyze the results from your assessment and offer recommendations on improving your security and minimizing risks.

Areas of Security Investigation

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Most companies cannot survive if data is lost or corrupted. Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions alleviate that risk if managed and operated correctly. ProTech will review IT staff's understanding of the current backup solution and recovery time objectives. Additionally, we'll evaluate your disaster recovery plan. 

Vulnerability Scan

Our automated tool will test the strenth of your firewall giving us the ability to recognize vulnerabilities.

Firewall Rule Evaluation

ProTech's team will examine the current rules your firewall utilizes. We'll take this findings and determine if addtional rules should be implemented.

Internal Network Vulnerability

We'll perform a complete scan of your Active Directory environment allowing us to view security aspects related to your servers, logs, computers and users. 

Remote Access

Mobile workforces are becoming more prevalent so remote access is a necessity. ProTech will determine the process of maintaining remote access and the vulnerability of access via mobile devices.

Life Cycle Assessment

Many businesses use systems after they have reached end of support. These retired systems can still hold data that can be harmful is used incorrectly. Our team will evaluate your company's internal life cycle policy for hardware.

Phishing Vulnerability Test

With our security investigation, we offer an initial Phishing Security Test that tests users and tracks their response.