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Edna B.



We have been working with ProTech for several years, and we have been involved in quite a few big projects. Moving most of our computers to a domain, installing new switches, and installing new access points. They have stepped up to the plate each and every time with great customer service, knowledge and courtesy on each project. They manage our network, and if we have any problems, they are on top of it immediately. ProTech pretty much sums up their company. P= Professional, R= Reliable, O= Observant, T= Technical, E= Educated, C= Concerned, and H= Helpful. So, you have a company who is very professional and educated in the technical world that is helpful and very concerned about what your IT needs are. They are observant in monitoring your network and reliable in getting issues resolved quickly. I would recommend ProTech to any company or person that needed IT help.