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The power of the backup


Storage units and safety deposit boxes have long been used to keep cherished items safe. From treasured heirlooms to baby photos, second copies were stored in special units outside of the home to protect them from fire, natural disaster or other threats that could steal all of our memories in a single moment. In many ways, this was the earliest form of a data backup. 

While grandma’s pearls are still safely stowed in your local bank’s vault, your family’s files, photos and other digital assets can be safely secured in online backup warehouses. The ease of file duplication and digital storage has alleviated some anxiety associated with data loss.

But, the backup management process must be closely managed or you will lose data. If you’ve ever lost a phone and had to restore it from a backup, you know that the data captured between your last backup and the restore is lost to the ether. Businesses carry an even larger burden when it comes to backup management. Rather than losing a few photos of a family reunion, businesses can stand to lose valuable data if they’re not properly backing up their materials. 

World Backup Day is March 31. If your business does not already have a backup management solution, connect with the team at ProTech. Our proactive approach to backup management takes a task off of your list while also contributing to your peace of mind. We send regular reports with your backup status details before you have to ask for them. And, we actively share any challenges we’re facing and the solutions we’re pursuing to alleviate them. 

Not only do we back up data to the cloud, we also use off-site physical servers as backups to our backups. These two hyper-secure servers are located in secret locations across the country, meaning your data is safe from not only online backup failure, but natural disasters and weather emergencies that might take servers offline. We give our clients complete peace of mind knowing that their data is safely stored in several secure and accessible locations. 

As you can tell, ProTech takes backup management seriously. If you want to remove data loss from your list of worries, give ProTech a call. We’ll create and manage the perfect backup process for your company.

In the meantime, take a moment to back up your data and join ProTech in taking the World Backup Day pledge.



“I solemnly swear to backup my important documents and precious memories on March 31.”

I will also tell my friends and family about World Backup Day – friends don’t let friends go without a backup.