How Can I Keep My Employees Productive and Engaged?

Productivity and employee engagement are at the top of every business owner’s wish list. But, it can be hard to motivate employees when their technology options are outdated and cumbersome.

Implementing Microsoft’s Office 365 is a simple transition to a platform that employees are already familiar with and use daily. The Office 365 suite offers tons of tools to help keep your employees on track.

While getting everyone to adopt the latest technology is difficult, your employees will soon realize that that Office 365 is a tool that looks relatively the same, but is entrenched with new benefits. You can skip the learning curve associated with implementation of a new software making it a time effective option. Your business and employees can begin to immediately realize the added benefits of such a robust platform.

With Office 365, you can use Microsoft’s classic applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook that your employees are already familiar and comfortable with. This leaves your employees with the ability to focus on Office 365’s suite of new offerings. The program facilitates productivity due to the ease of enhanced collaboration and convenient access.


In today’s work environment, employees have different schedules and can be scattered across the globe, making team projects difficult.

Office 365 makes true collaboration a reality. The ability to edit documents in real-time with two or more users allows for remote office workers, traveling workers and in-house workers to collaborate on documents, presentations and spreadsheets in real-time, eliminating the need to meet in person or wait on edits to be emailed for review by the team.

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With mobile becoming the new norm, your employees need a solution that they can take with them. Office 365 gives you the ability to modify documents on mobile devices and automatically synchronize with your desktop. Your data is stored in the cloud, allowing for access anytime via any device, by any employee. Ease of access leads to greater productivity by everyone. In addition to the ability to install your Office 365 suite on 5 personal devices, Office Online provides access to Online Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other online applications. These programs open from nearly any device, allowing you to access your data from wherever you have access to the Internet. Any modifications made to a document will be automatically synchronized so the entire team is aware of changes.


When employees are able to effectively communicate with each other, projects move faster and employees stay engaged. Office 365 has various communication tools to make sure your team is always connected. Instant messaging, video conferencing and online meetings keep your team in constant communication.

Skype for Business enables instant messaging, audio/video conversations and online meetings, allowing for effective and efficient communication regardless of your employees’ location. Skype also provides “presence”; allowing you to see when your employees are available, in a meeting, away from their desk or on vacation. Your team can quickly make decisions on their latest project without sorting through an email chain.


Having the ability to share documents with people inside and outside the company can help your team get necessary approval and revisions quickly. Office 365 offers the ability to create a password-protected portal to share files inside and outside of your company.

SharePoint Online gives you the ability to share information and collaborate with both co-workers and customers. PowerPoint presentations can be shared over the Internet, even to those without the application. In addition to the ability to collaborate with one or more users to edit documents at the same time, it also provides you with the tools to manage existing projects and team members. 

Whether your company is a small to medium business or an enterprise level corporation, Office 365 has features and benefits to make your company and employees more productive, organized and empowered for success in today’s hectic, on-the-go business environment. Implementing Office 365 is an investment in the future of your company and your employees, giving them the tools to be productive without being tied to the office.

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