What If My Employees are my Biggest Security Threat?

Employees often use their employers’ networks and computers for personal use on company time. While the occasional glance at Facebook or paying a household bill is deemed okay, what about the times when they put your company at risk?

Malicious content can be found just about anywhere online which opens your network up to vulnerabilities if your employees are visiting sites that are not deemed safe or appropriate by your organization. Downloading videos, streaming content, complying with email requests and online gaming can all lead to potential data and monetary loss for your company. Those videos may be hiding malware that can hold your data ransom forcing your business to shut down temporarily or in some cases, permanently. The email request may be a spoofed address attempting to take advantage of your unsuspecting employee and make a few, quick bucks. All of these are potential scenarios we see every day that can wreak havoc on a business.


Protect your Business


But, what if there was a way to monitor and control what your employees did online without ever having to talk to them about it? What if you could educate your employees about email authenticity? Wouldn’t it be great to block sites that are suspected of distributing malware?

The solution to all those issues can be found in a Security Stack. This is a multi-layered approach to Cyber Security. Through the use of various tools, you can help protect your network and data from would be hackers.

ProTech’s Security Stack offers a multitude of tools that fulfill various functions in protecting your network. We offer tools that proactively monitor and block threats from entering your network. Additionally, we can train your employees on identifying potential threatening emails through our Security Awareness Training. Our Security Stack also offers tools that allow you to permit certain websites while blocking others. The ability to customize each users’ computer permission is incredibly simple with our solution.

So, if you think your employees could be culprits of the same habits in our video, look into employing a Security Stack. Ensure that the solution you do choose covers a wide range of possible problems. While there is no magical cure to prevent malware and online threats, you can better prepare your employees and help establish barriers that keep your data safe by implementing a Security Stack. 

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Posted by Chelsea Nelson at 11:27 AM