What Should I Consider When Moving to the Cloud?

The cloud is transforming information technology and more companies are moving their entire infrastructure to a cloud-based system. The cloud is agile, scalable and offers easy accessibility to essential applications that are a key component in business continuity. This infrastructure shift has businesses rethinking how they can use technology to accomplish their business goals. The IT department is out of the basement and in the board room!

What is the cloud?

There are various ways to define the cloud, but in basic terms, you are utilizing capital, infrastructure and resources offered by a cloud provider. This is a concept companies are taking advantage of instead of using time and resources to build their own infrastructure. The cloud is a predictable expense offering speed, efficiency and innovation.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud migration takes time and should be implemented strategically with a well-thought-out plan. The most important thing to focus on when navigating the cloud is to ensure you have incorporated a business strategy. Focusing on cloud initiatives from a technology-only standpoint can cause inefficiency and wasted resources.

Cloud Security

Once in the cloud, security is a top priority. To ensure the best security, you’ll need to diligently examine and choose a cloud provider. You will need services such as data encryption, audit and compliance regulation, and managed tasks with patching and monitoring to ensure optimal health of your applications and systems.

Cloud Types

            Be thoughtful when analyzing native cloud solutions and determine how it integrates with your applications, systems and current infrastructure. A hybrid approach might be best if you are looking for cost savings or to utilize a recent hardware purchase. A multi-cloud approach can be a strategic tool to avoid committing to a single cloud service provider.

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