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Why You Should Partner with a Staffing Agency in 2022


Staffing agencies help companies connect with a larger network, while also saving HR teams time and frustration. While hiring teams can always appreciate this, 2022 is making talent acquisition services a necessity.

Working with a staffing agency is becoming a necessity.

2021 started a unique hiring market. The Great Resignation saw many employees resign for better opportunities. As the job market continues to grow into 2022, it’s expected that employees will continue to have their choice of job. Which means employers need all the help they can get to find qualified talent.

Thankfully, here at ProTech Staffing, we have the experience, network, and resources needed to help you succeed. Here’s a few ways we do just that:

1.)    Access to talent network.

For over 25 years, ProTech Staffing has been one of the top providers of skilled professionals throughout the Southeast United States. We know the Southeast area, and we have an extensive talent network. WIth our connections and experience, we have access to a wide array of top talent within many industries, including technology, HR, marketing, management, executive positions and more.

2.)    Faster hiring process.

Filling a role in a timely manner is vital for the success of many teams. Because talent acquisition services dedicate all their time to finding and recruiting top talent, we have the ability to expedite this process. This means less stress for you.

3.)    Vetted candidates.

We not only work to fill positions quickly, but we work to fill positions with qualified candidates. Protech follows a three-screen process to vet all candidates, ensuring you end up with the best fit for your company.

Use ProTech’s staffing services to find your next hire.

ProTech’s staffing services are available as soon as you’re ready! Get in touch with our recruiting team to prepare for your next hire.

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