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Your company depends on people. People distinguish your products and services in the marketplace. To maximize growth, your business requires a solid foundation of people. Hiring the right people with specialized skills is tough. You need a partner who can recruit, screen and hire for you.


ProTech, a Memphis-based technology solutions company with locations in Nashville, Orlando and Colorado Springs, has provided talent and technology for businesses for more than 20 years. We offer talent acquisition, outsourced solutions and management consulting, all designed to offer expertise with the personalized customer service you need.


  • 140+ professional employees/consultants with leading technology/vendor certifications and experience
  • Strong, experienced recruiting team – dedicated to sourcing contractors for your projects
  • ProTech's proprietary 3Screen process – candidates will possess the technical skills you require
  • Dedicated Account Managers – single point of contact
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“ProTech quickly understands the needs of my company and is able to identify the right talent for the right role. They work with the highest level of integrity and are great at matching not only the right skill set, but also the right personality fit for my firm. All around, one of the best companies I know.”