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Cloud Services


Make the Migration

Cloud computing is here to stay, and with good reason: it improves security, collaboration and productivity by allowing users to access information from anywhere. As a result, many companies are taking advantage of cloud applications and cloud storage to grow their business.

Smart business owners understand that having easy access to their data is important for success. Our cloud-based services offer user-friendly benefits that will increase productivity throughout your company. ProTech can help build a plan and migrate you to a managed, cloud computing solution that is right for your business.


Benefits of Managed Cloud Services for Business

As we move into the 21st century, more companies are using cloud applications and cloud storage. The benefits of this approach include:

Increased Security

Data security is always a concern for businesses. Through cloud applications you can safely store your data in off-site data centers with top security certifications. 

With cloud computing, all of your information is safely stored in remote data centers and often duplicated into multiple data centers for redundancy. The use of firewalls and dedicated virtual local area networks (VLANs) helps protect your data from hackers. Plus, applications like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure can be connected to a dedicated server for extra security.


Technology is changing the way offices work. Gone are the days when all employees worked from one central location. Cloud applications that are accessible from any location make working outside of the office a seamless process. And because your data is also stored off-site in the cloud, your team can access it from anywhere. This changes the way your business works and helps increase productivity.

Disaster Recovery

Cloud storage takes your most valuable data off-site, making it resistant to the effects of disasters like earthquakes, tornadoes, and fires. And, the recovery process is faster thanks to the accessibility of the cloud. 


One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is scalability. Your business can easily and quickly grow within cloud applications. There’s no need to update or purchase new servers: You simply update your storage options within the cloud.

Since you’re able to upgrade your storage options without purchasing new hardware, cloud storage is better for your company’s budget than handling your data storage in-house. Plus, since there are no on-premise servers, cloud storage also saves physical space. 


With one monthly payment, your company has access to the storage you need with the ability to increase or decrease storage capacity. That makes managed cloud services an expense that easily fits into your monthly budget. 

For these reasons and more, businesses are making the move to cloud-based computing. If you’re thinking of making the switch to a virtual office, then call ProTech. We can help move your business forward by setting up integrated services in the cloud that allow remote users to work virtually. 

Your Trusted Partner for Cloud Migration

ProTech knows how important the cloud is for growing businesses, but also understands that it can be overwhelming. Our team is experienced in cloud solutions, like Amazon Web Services and Azure, and we know how to make migrations a lot smoother. We can help you build a unique cloud solution that accomplishes your business goals.

If you’re ready to migrate to the cloud, contact us to build a cloud computing strategy and set your business up for success.

Cloud services



Managing your cloud resources can be confusing. We’re skilled in Amazon, Azure and other cloud solutions and can assist with migrations, management and optimization to help make the cloud more approachable.



Security is a major component of any technology plan. ProTech offers a large range of cloud security solutions to help protect your business operations. Additionally, we can provide services aimed at educating and testing your employees about threats.



In today’s work environment, many teams need to work together to complete business critical tasks. You need solutions that allow everyone to work together, even if they aren’t in the same place. ProTech is skilled in Office 365 migrations and can provide user training to help make work easier. 



Implementing a cloud work solution like Office 365 is a great way to improve employee productivity because everything is hosted in the cloud and accessible from anywhere. If you need help finding other ways to be productive, our Business Technology Consultant can help you put together a plan that meets your unique needs.