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Managed Services

ProTech’s Foresite Solution incorporates a comprehensive set of services designed to proactively monitor, secure and support your business IT environment. Our dedicated Technical Account Manager and Technology Analyst guide you through planning and budgeting while providing strategic insight into your environment.

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Technology & Consulting

ProTech’s technology and consulting services are designed to assist businesses with various aspects of their technology strategy. Our team offers skillsets across technologies and can provide guidance or hands-on help with any project.

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Security Services

Cybersecurity has become an increasing concern for businesses of all sizes. ProTech’s mission is to create a layered security approach that helps mitigate risks and keep users informed.

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Cloud Services

Cloud computing is here to stay and with good reason. It improves security, collaboration and productivity by allowing users access to information from any location. ProTech knows how important the cloud is for growing businesses, but also understands that it can be overwhelming. Our team is experienced in cloud solutions and migrations and can help you build a unique cloud solution that accomplishes your business goals.

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Talent Acquisition

ProTech’s mission is to help clients source and hire the most qualified professionals while matching quality candidates with great opportunities. Our dedicated account managers partner with Memphis businesses’ human resource and hiring managers to help improve the recruitment process and bring superior talent to the area.

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Your talented team of IT professionals are innovators. They see problems and identify proactive solutions.

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