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Give Back Initiatives

Since its inception in 1992 and subsequent re-branding in 2019, ProTech has steadfastly committed itself to enhancing our local community and its surroundings. Through ProTech Cares, we extend support, technology, and volunteer efforts to numerous partners across the Memphis region. Our dedication to community improvement is embodied in the ProTech Cares Volunteer Committee, which prioritizes creating opportunities for the enrichment of both current residents and future generations of Memphis.

The ProTech Cares Committee, along with all ProTech employees, believes that each partner organization, past, present, or future, brings valuable resources to our area. We are wholeheartedly committed to supporting outstanding organizations across the city and selecting a Charity of the Year for special sponsorship. Furthermore, we are keen on backing causes that resonate with our employees, broadening our community impact, and ensuring that our team members are deeply involved in shaping the future of the Mid-South.