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ProTech offers a variety of solutions to meet each business’s unique needs.


Managed Services

Our team of skilled engineers can handle your technology solutions while providing guidance on budgeting and planning.


Technology & Consulting

As technology experts, we can provide helpful insight into your IT projects as well as assist with procurement, design and implementation.


Security Services

We know cybersecurity is a big concern for businesses, so we’ve built out a suite of services to help you understand and mitigate your risks.


Cloud Services

The cloud can be confusing. Our experts can help you with migrations and born-in-the-cloud solutions.


Talent Acquisition

Our team of recruiters and account managers are experienced with matching quality candidates with great opportunities.


Contact ProTech Today

Reach out for information on managed services, technology and consulting, security services, cloud services, and talent acquisition.



ProTech, a Local Business Providing Value

ProTech Services Group is a business solutions company focused on meeting the technology needs of Memphis-area businesses. Founded in 1992, we have a history of providing quality services that help organizations meet their goals and initiatives. ProTech’s unique combination of services and solutions along with our skilled engineering team has solidified us as a premier business partner in the Mid-South.


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