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Your engineers are a resource. Are you making the best use of their time?


Meet Support Desk as a Service

Here's the truth - your internal team does not need to provide simple productivity-enhancing support. But you need dedicated support experts to alleviate the problems your team is experiencing. That's where ProTech comes in. Our Support Desk as a Service is a team of L1, L2 & L3 expert engineers who provide bilingual support. We can handle your most basic support tickets so your team can keep moving your company forward.

  • 24 hours per day
  • 7 days per week
  • 365 days per year
Bilingual Support English & Spanish
100% US-based Support Desk

What services do our support desk experts provide?

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    Setup Tickets

    Whether your team needs software updates, help setting up new employees or issue alleviation related to connection, we can help get your team up and running.

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    Basic Hardware Support

    Having trouble with your keyboard? Can't get your screens to present appropriately? Our 24/7/365 dedicated support experts have your back, no matter the time.

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    General Networking Support

    Issues with your VPN? Leave networking support to our team. We'll have your staff up and connected in no time.

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    General Operating System Support

    Operating systems have you down? Our IT service desk can help your end users navigate a number of common operating systems.

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    Basic Printer Support

    You would think printing would be a breeze, but for many employees, it's a major headache. Let our team handle the copier crisis.

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    General Application Support

    There's nothing more frustrating or productivity slashing than a glitching application. From Microsoft 365 to your other key business applications, we can get applications back to work.

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    Application Support Escalations

    Having trouble with custom applications? We can be your first line of defense. We can field requests and determine whether your engineers need to get involved.

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    Service Status Requests

    Is your team constantly checking in on outages? Let us field the questions so you can stay on track.

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    System Escalations and Vendor Escalations

    Our team knows what we can (and can't) do. We'll move things up the chain of command and to the appropriate expert to ensure your team gets help in a timely fashion.


Your business doesn't stop - neither do we.

Support Desk as a Service is a 24/7/365 support desk. That means that your teams across the globe have support when they need it - not when America is awake and online. After all, tech issues aren't confined to the 9-to-5 schedule.

Set your expectations high. Ours are higher still.

ProTech wouldn't offer Support Desk Services if we couldn't provide a level of care that mirrored in-house support. You won't even feel like you're working with an outsourcing service provider. What you feel is:

  • Stellar Functionality

    We provide end users with 24-hour a day access to assistance with a range of issues related to both hardware and application support in addition to triage services for issues that require escalation.

  • Enhanced Security Made Simple

    We will work with you on a validation process that is easy enough for users to use, but secure enough to mitigate the risk of unauthorized support requests.

  • Access to Industry-Leading Tools

    We will utilize our ConnectWise Manage ticketing platform for ticket entry, ticket tracking, KPI dashboarding, SLA tracking and knowledge base building. We will either utilize extensions on your phone system for incoming calls and queues or have a forwarding mechanism to send calls to our phone system.


Why partner with ProTech's SDaaS?

Simply put, we hire the best technical talent to provide our clients with the best in class service. To be the BEST, we pioneered the model around our clients to fit their needs. Our dedicated support experts provide advanced troubleshooting support that will keep your business running smoothly. Our model allows us to support clients that have a presence across the US and the globe.