3Screen Process

Our exclusive screening process

The employee screening process is serious business. That’s why it’s a key strength at ProTech. We don’t just pass along resumes - our proven process ensures our candidates possess the skills they claim.

It’s called the “3Screen” process and we use it to match the job to candidates with the right background, soft skills, and corporate values. The time and effort we put toward finding the right candidates have strengthened our relationships with Fortune 500 companies and have built close ties to thousands of people in the communities we serve, since 1992.

The 3Screen Process – developed exclusively by ProTech

  • An all-encompassing, three-part screening process 
  • Narrows down the right job position for the right job applicant
  • Used by ProTech’s recruiters to assess potential incompatibility or discordance between the candidates and the companies 

We use three progressively intrinsic filters:

  1. Prescreening - a 32-point screening questionnaire developed by ProTech looks for technical skills and soft skills, such as leadership and communication.
  2. Testing – using ProTech’s proprietary and industry-proven online testing system, a timed test is sent to the candidate via email and assesses the aptitude of the candidate in a given skill area.
  3. Evaluating - A senior member of ProTech’s team handles this final, quality step to evaluate the candidate’s skill aptitude. In an interview session, the ProTech team member digs into the candidate’s background to determine skills, communication abilities and aptitude toward leadership and working with a team.