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Familiarity breeds comfort – but when you’re looking for a new vendor to service critical needs at your company, like infrastructure and cybersecurity, you need a company you can trust from inception. In early 2019, DuncanWilliams’ Chief Technology Officer Jon Hall realized that their current service provider would not be able to meet their growth needs, and he set out to find a new managed service provider.


The new service provider would not only have to migrate their existing infrastructure to an Enterprise cloud, but also have to ensure the security of both the infrastructure and the end-user systems. They had to not only be proactive but also transcend the status of “vendor,” becoming a true technology partner


In Duncan-Williams’ industry, data security is paramount. ProTech’s layered approach to security, from the tools offered to the tenacity with which they monitor systems, perfectly fit Jon’s needs. The team doesn’t have to worry about the efficacy of one lone tool when it comes to protecting their data. ProTech has stacked tools to create a security safety net, ensuring there are always multiple fail safes in place that keep data secure. This unique approach immediately alleviated Jon’s worries.

“Not only does ProTech protect our employees, they teach them to identify threats. My team is now so trained that they start to question legitimate emails and information I send to them.”

In addition to security, an Enterprise class cloud infrastructure was a paramount need. ProTech provides fully managed Enterprise class cloud infrastructure with built-in hardware redundancy. The infrastructure is built on highly scalable industry-leading VMware and flash storage. This gives the clients the flexibility to have a fixed operating cost but still have the ability to allocate and adjust resources to their infrastructure on demand

“It was like night and day when we transitioned to ProTech. The overall service and care – all of that is what I had been looking for.”

Having a robust business continuity and disaster recovery strategy is critical to Duncan-Williams. ProTech provides an industry-leading, fully managed cloud backup and disaster recovery services. The data is stored securely in an off-site, out-of-state data center. In case of any disaster, which could be natural incident or human error, the infrastructure systems can be up and running in a matter of hours with minimal data loss.

“Knowing that we had the ability to recover from any disaster and the data was stored in an off-site data center, gave me the peace of mind.”

I had this ‘Oh, yeah’ moment, and it was abundantly clear that I needed to go with ProTech. They really just stood out as the partner I needed with all of the right services, processes and care.

JON HALL Chief Technology Officer Duncan-Williams


ProTech’s approach as a managed service provider is cutting edge, allowing companies to build a custom suite of services and tools that fit perfectly into the client’s IT infrastructure. This approach affords opportunities for innovation, something Duncan-Williams is always open to. The way ProTech expediently and transparently presents solutions to existing problems and opportunities for
enhanced service allows Jon to accurately budget his resources and make decisions about the best course of action for the company