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With the onset of the pandemic, digital communication became vital as offices closed across the nation. Fortunately, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group had processes in place that allowed their team to work remotely. However, the company soon realized there was a need to transform their digital workplace to enhance employee success. In May 2020, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group enlisted ProTech’s services to assist them in their transition to Microsoft Office 365.


Prior to making the switch to Microsoft 365, Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group’s data was housed on servers located on-premises, which was a great amount of work for their team to maintain. The company needed a modernized system to improve their remote employee experience.


A platform that didn’t require a VPN to access files and that offered tools such as Sharepoint to collaborate on Word documents and Teams to hold meetings was appealing to Jake Kirk, manager of systems and technology at Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group. The company made the decision to partner with ProTech to guide them during the transition, making the move to the new suite comfortable and seamless.

“ProTech offers this assurity that Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group’s team is always taken care of. If there’s a problem, they are a phone call or email away. They are great about following up on tickets and scheduling times to work with our team.”

Unlike many Office 365 resellers, ProTech has a team of Microsoft 365 specialists, dedicated to ensuring a successful implementation of the Office 365 Suite.

“Garrett Mitchell is our primary technician who gets most of our tickets. I’ve worked with him long enough to where he knows exactly what I’m trying to do and what the team is wanting. Between us, we are able to efficiently get things done for our users. The entire team is solid.”

In addition, ProTech was instrumental in helping Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group meet rigorous security standards held by the New York Department of Financial Services, which is one of the most robust in the U.S.

“If you’re able to work in that state and are compliant with them, you’ve fulfilled every criteria for other states or organizations. ProTech worked with me to ensure not only that they were compliant, but also that we were. It doesn’t feel like a vendor/customer relationship, it feels like a true partnership.”

“The amount of expertise and customer service ProTech has provided our company – I’ve never seen anything like it before. I have a large amount of experience within this IT world, and ProTech takes it to a different level.”

Jake Kirk Manager of Systems and Technology Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group


All in all, there are few productivity suites that offer such a robust and holistic set of tools used to drive employee satisfaction and success. ProTech helps companies, like Kemmons Wilson Insurance Group, through the planning, budgeting and implementation, while also providing strategic insight into the company’s environment.