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5 Reasons to Use an IT Talent Aquisition Service

While it may seem intimidating to use a talent acquisition service in your job search, using these services can greatly enhance your search and offers incredible benefits that you will not find by job hunting on your own.

Talent Acquisition Services Memphis
  • Spend Less Time Searching
  • Staffing agencies can save you time and energy by doing much of the heavy lifting for you. Recruiters spend their day searching for potential matches for you and reaching out to hiring managers so that you can better enjoy the hiring process.
  • Access to Unlisted Jobs
  • Some tech companies selectively use only staffing agencies to search for and hire new employees and contractors. Recruiters have access to these unlisted positions and can ensure that hiring managers receive your resume, especially if your specialized skills are a priority to the client.
  • Connect with Large Scale Networks
  • Hiring agencies have connections with a large network of top companies. With access to such a large number of hiring managers, recruiters know what IT jobs are available and want to fill these open positions.
  • Receive Interview and Job Guidance
  • Recruiters often offer free help to improve resumes, portfolios and interview techniques. Recruiters have an incredible range of experience with companies and their hiring managers, and therefore know what they are looking for and how you can best leverage your knowledge and experiences during the interview and hiring process. Recruiters also know the current market rate of positions given certain experience and can guide you to an appropriate salary.
  • Stay in Database
  • Although you may not be hired by your first potential job position, you will remain in the database and continue to be considered for future positions. Recruiters are hired by companies to fill positions and want you to be the one to fill them.

Why Should You Use ProTech?

While working as a contractor, you do not receive the traditional benefits that permanent employees do. However, when you contract with ProTech, you receive many of the same wonderful benefits, including the following:

  • Employee Health Care Coverage
  • Wellness Plan
  • Dental Care Coverage
  • Vision Care Coverage
  • 401K Participation and Match
  • Company-paid Group Term Life Insurance
  • Company-paid Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance
  • Employee and Dependent Term Life Insurance and AD&D

Experienced Talent Acquisition Service Provider in Memphis:

Call our IT Talent Acquisition Team to discuss how our experts can help meet your job placement needs for technology, HR, marketing, management, executive positions and many more in the Memphis area. For details, contact ProTech Services Group, your local Memphis IT service provider!

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