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Accelerate the Hiring Process with Talent Acquisition Services

Hiring the wrong person can have adverse effects on the growth of your organization. According to Undercover Recruiter review, organizations who make bad hiring decisions lose an average of $240,000 per employee.

Another research reveals 80% of turnover is caused by bad hiring decisions, and it costs more than five times an employee’s salary to replace a bad employee.

Benefits of Hiring Talent Acquisition Services for Your Recruiting Process

Bad hiring decisions lead to reduced productivity and high financial loss, thereby impeding organizational growth.  Successful businesses understand that hiring the right staff is crucial to keeping the organization successful, so they offer expert staffing agencies to take care of their recruiting processes.

What are the top reasons to hire staffing agencies? And how can this single step help move your organization forward? This article answers these questions in detail.  Let’s dive right in.

Top 4 Reasons to Hire Staffing Agencies

Employing the services of recruiting agencies isn’t news. But why exactly should your organization invest in one? Find out below:

Accelerate the Hiring Process

Recruiting in an organization is a time-consuming process. Sourcing for suitable candidates, interviewing, and screening eat deeply into an organization’s time. According to research, only 30% of organizations can fill up a vacant position in  30 days; the remaining 70% take about four months to hire a new staff.

However, staffing agencies help speed up recruiting processes because they have a vast pool talent pool in their database, so organizations can access to staffing agencies’ network and gain top talents quickly.

This also means organizations won’t be at risk of losing 89% of potential candidates who may lose interest in potential roles due to a prolonged recruiting process. Through this, organizations have a wide pool of employees to access to select the best candidates for their roles. By accelerating recruiting process, organizations can experience fast turnarounds and enjoy increased productivity to move the organization forward.

Gain Access to Expert Knowledge

As your organization expands, so will your demands for new employees increase. However, it’s not all about hiring more staff to include in your workforce; it’s crucial to hire the right candidate at the right time and for the right reasons.

But how do you know which candidate to hire and when? A good staffing agency help provide answers to these questions.

Staffing agencies have a wealth of expert knowledge relating to their field; they are better equipped to provide you with the information your in-house staff won’t give you.

Staffing agencies are always available to help you troubleshoot recruitment issues based on their knowledge and experience. They have the best expertise to know what aspects of your organization need more staff to get things done, what roles are technical, and what type of candidate best fits into the roles.

Reduced Hiring Cost

Employing the services of staffing agencies helps you cut hiring costs in several ways. One of these ways is by helping you minimize advertising costs as staffing agencies already have a pool of qualified candidates in their database.

More so, staffing agencies oversee the entire recruitment process, from background investigations to screening, pre-employment testing, and so much more. This helps you cut costs as you won’t have to pay for these processes separately.

Reduced Turn-over Rate

Staffing agencies have the required expertise and insight to identify qualified candidates and track temporary employee performance during probation periods to know if candidates are qualified before offering them a permanent position. This helps reduce the turnover rate that occurs when organization hire unqualified employees.

Staffing agencies also support organizations’ workforce by equipping hired candidates with the knowledge they need about their new job positions. They explain the company’s culture, regulations, and the responsibilities required for their expected roles from the onset.

This ensures that hired candidates are well informed about their roles and can decide to accept or turndown their new positions before they are welcomed on board. The result of this is employee satisfaction and a reduced turnover rate.


ProTech IT Staffing Services is a talent acquisition agency in Memphis committed to helping organizations accelerate their hiring processes effectively. Our team is dedicated to using their expertise and experience to recruit the best candidates to meet the needs of every job position in an organization.

Our qualified team is vast in helping you source for clients in various fields, from technology to HR to management and many more. We use a one-of-a-kind three-vetting process to ensure all candidates are thoroughly screened before handing them to hiring managers.

We offer an effective, time-saving recruiting process and help you save money and resources by streamlining your talent acquisition, reducing hiring costs and turnover rate.

As an IT staffing company in Memphis, our focal point is meeting the talent acquisition needs of the businesses in Memphis by offering them the best candidates they need for every role.  We recruit, screen, and hire for you. Contact us at ProTech staffing services to hire the best talent today.

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