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Avoiding snap hiring decisions in the wake of COVID-19

No matter your industry, hiring is an extensive process. This fact was true pre-pandemic and has only intensified since. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics has reported a supply of 50% more job seekers in today’s market compared to pre-COVID numbers; however, according to a National Federation of Independent Business Small Business Jobs report, employers are seeing the lowest application rate in 48 years. We’re experiencing a market contradiction.

The influences that made staffing demanding pre-COVID have not disappeared just because there are more workers to choose from. In fact, it’s more challenging than ever, and experts are predicting significant staffing obstacles in recruiting and hiring practices for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. Sifting through potential candidates can be time consuming and frustrating for a company. With a supply shortage and a high demand for qualified candidates, companies everywhere have had to pivot and adjust their hiring approach, while others have turned this responsibility over to a staffing agency.

Staffing agencies offer a solution to these issues – they are an easy, reliable way to ensure you’re getting top-notch candidates with relevant experience, while still protecting your company’s valuable time and resources. The key to successful staffing depends on the effectiveness of several factors.

It all starts with understanding the company’s needs.

When hiring new employees, businesses must ensure the candidate is technically qualified, while also making sure he or she is a good culture fit. Staffing agencies are committed to finding candidates with professional and technical skills that match your strategic business needs, as well as your company’s internal culture expectations. Agencies take the time at the beginning of the partnership to learn the ins and outs of your business – it’s like having an additional HR professional in house who will understand your specific needs and can help you translate them effectively.

It’s strengthened by a three-screen process.

Rather than having a hiring manager scour over dozens of resumes, staffing agencies streamline that pipeline by narrowing the pool down to two or three qualified candidates – that will hit the ground running on day one. At ProTech, our three-screen process used to vet candidates ensures they are well-qualified.

First, our recruiters use an extensive interview process to match candidates to the job description, weeding out candidates who don’t check the boxes for what our clients are seeking. Second, we test candidates with an online assessment, which breaks down – into metrics – how skilled the candidate is, as well as identifies areas of weakness. Third, we leverage Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) in-house to interview candidates and drill down further into their skill sets, determining how technical or functional they may be in these areas.

It prevents snap hiring decisions, which lead to higher turnover rates.

Staffing agencies have great expertise and knowledge in the hiring process and can vet the skills of candidates to provide stronger leads. In addition, the agency itself may have access to a database of quality candidates with specialized skills. A good staffing agency spends years building up their talent network through referrals, networking and speaking with candidates daily. This network reaches across a variety of industries, which allows staffing agencies to provide a unique perspective on the evolving job market and candidate expectations.

When using a staffing agency, such as ProTech, businesses can be assured they’re hiring the right personnel. While the goal is to avoid making hasty, premature hiring decisions, agencies can help your company pull the trigger on qualified candidates and not delay the hiring process – otherwise, your competition is waiting at the door.

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