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Back in time: A look at ProTech’s industries three decades ago

The year 2022 marks the 30th anniversary of ProTech’s founding. What a time it has been! In three decades, technology has evolved tremendously. Many of the services we now offer did not exist thirty years ago. Here’s just a glimpse at how much things have changed.


When ProTech first started, cybersecurity did not exist at the level it does now. Though its actual origin is debated, many experts agree the cybersecurity industry humbly began in 1983 when the first Trojan horse virus was deployed. Initial viruses didn’t have bad intentions – they were mostly intrusive annoyances that hindered computer use. But by the end of the decade, malware had hit the marketplace and thus, cybersecurity was born to combat it.

Antivirus programming wasn’t widely available until the early ‘90s, which aligns with the birth of ProTech. This started a cat and mouse race between companies like ProTech and hackers. Gone are the days when a virus takes years to develop – new threats enter email inboxes everyday. With a partner like ProTech, you can trust that your cybersecurity team is one step ahead of the next viral evolution, keeping you and your data safe.

Cloud Solutions

If you asked computer engineers in the dawn of the digital era to define what “the cloud” is, they probably would have shared what they knew about cumulonimbus and cirrus cloud formations. But now, cloud computing and transitioning business operations to the cloud is one of the most sought-after services ProTech offers. How did the cloud go from a pie-in-the-sky idea to a commonly used technology tool?

What we recognize as cloud solutions or computing didn’t really exist until tech giants Amazon and Google revolutionized traditional digital file storage. These services hit the market in the early 2000s, but they weren’t popular for businesses and were foreign to personal users. Education is what ultimately brought cloud computing to the masses. Universities needed a way to quickly share large sets of research data with colleagues around the globe, which led them to cloud computing partnerships with IBM and Google. The cloud transitioned from academic circles to the modern American home when Netflix launched its streaming service in 2007.

Today’s digital climate has a variety of cloud offerings for individuals and businesses to store their data that can be accessed from anywhere in the world at any time. Protech has grown with cloud solutions, providing recommendations that meet business needs, size and budget.

Talent Acquisition

Today’s high-tech, fast-paced climate looks completely different than how talent acquisition was conducted 30 years ago when ProTech started. Candidates can apply to jobs now with the click of a button on LinkedIn. Resumes can be autofiltered with programs to streamline the candidate search process, which reduces the time and money spent on recruiting. The job market moves so quickly that many companies rely on partners like ProTech to manage their talent pipeline so good candidates don’t get lost in the shuffle. But things didn’t always move at this pace.

Prior to applicant tracking services, hours were spent searching through piles of resumes from candidates. In the ‘90s, recruiters were forced to spend more time in their clients’ worlds, looking for candidates through offline efforts. Recruiters also had to use landlines, fax machines or even regular snail mail to communicate with candidates.  

ProTech is now able to provide clients with vetted, high-quality candidates essentially with the push of a button, saving valuable time and resources. This creates a seamless recruiting process that feels modern and manageable.

ProTech is proud to say it has grown and adapted with the age of technology. If you’re looking for a team with expertise in its field, contact the ProTech team. With a partner like our team, these resources are even more accessible.

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