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Boost your digital transformation with Microsoft 365

The modern workforce is changing, and many organizations are embracing digital transformation to catch up with the rapidly changing workforce. Presently, 95% of organizations believe that digital transformation is important in the workplace, and 44% already stated they have a solution in place.

As an employer, how do you plan to transform your workplace digitally to boost your employees’ productivity, efficiency, and collaboration?

One of the most efficient ways to digitally transform your workplace is to introduce Microsoft 365 to your team.

Microsoft 365 STATS

Continue reading this article to know how Microsoft 365 can help transform your workplace digitally.

Let’s get right into it.

Modernize Your Employee Experience

Employee experience is constantly evolving, and employers are taking a shift from the traditional modes of creating employee experience to modern techniques to ensure their employees work more efficiently using productivity tools like Microsoft 365.  Below are the ways Microsoft 360 can help modernize your employees’ experience.

Flexibility is a major characteristic of modern organizations; at least, more than two-thirds of professionals work remotely one day a week while 53% work remotely for at least half of the week.

In a bid to create a modern and more efficient work experience for employees, employers allow their employees to work remotely as 77% of employees attest to the fact that working flexibly increases their productivity.

One of the major advantages of Microsoft 365 is that it enables you and your team to work anywhere as long as there is internet connectivity because it is completely cloud-based.

All your company’s emails, files, and 0ffice programs ranging from Excel to Powerpoint to Word are stored in the cloud so your employees can access them from any device anywhere they are.

So, you don’t have to worry about collaborating and maintaining productivity when your employees are working from home or on business trips because they can access office files and work efficiently from anywhere they are through Microsoft 365, thereby boosting your workplace flexibility a great deal.

Comes with All the Tools Your Company Needs
A major way to modernize your employees’ experience is to equip them with all the tools they need to work easily and more efficiently. Microsoft 365 comes with all the essential tools your employees need to do their best.

These tools include:

  • SharePoint
  • Yammer
  • OneDrive
  • Power BI

Employing these tools gives your employees a modernized work experience as it enables them to perform tasks technologically and not manually.

Collaborate More Effectively Across Teams
Microsoft 365 keeps your office communication centralized, which enables you to collaborate more effectively as a team regardless of if your employees are working in the office or outside the office.

Microsoft 365 comes with features such as Skype and Outlook, which let you hold conference calls and meetings with your employees, business partners, and clients across the world, no matter where they are.

Microsoft 365 is also equipped with the Microsoft Teams to feature that offers instant messaging so your team can make public comments or ”at” people so they can receive a notification whenever specific information directly to individual team members.

The Yammer Microsoft 365 social network feature also helps your team to network effectively during work hours. It enables your team members to post on your organization’s news feed and also pass information to the entire team or create a separate channel to communicate with other team members individually.

With SharePoint, your employees will be able to save any file and share them with the rest of the team, while Word, Excel, and PowerPoint features enable your employees to share and edit the organization’s files.

All of these Microsoft 365 features ensure to keep your employees engaged and updated about the company’s activities and ensures that your team can collaborate effectively when working on projects regardless of where they are.

Get Maximum Security on All Company’s Activities
As a digitally-driven organization, securing your company’s data should be your top priority, and Microsoft 365 offers you this.

Microsoft 365 BENEFITS

Microsoft 365 And Teams

Microsoft Teams is considered a “chat-based’’ platform in office 365 that enables every employee to work within one window as a team.

By working through one window, your team will be able to have access to Microsoft 365 features that will enable them to work more efficiently and increase their productivity.

Some of these features include;

  • SharePoint, OneDrive, and OneNote: these enable them to create and share files.
  • Skype: for calls and team meetings.
  • Outlook: for calendars and meetings.

Steps To Boost Your Digital Transformation With Microsoft 365

Below are the five steps to take in order to boost your workplace digital transformation with Microsoft 365.

Step 1
Understand how Microsoft 365 can help boost your productivity your organization through the Microsoft 376 productivity library.

Step 2
Use Microsoft 365 Adoption Guide to develop the best adoption plan for your business.

Step 3
Use the Office 365 champions program to train your users so they can find the best way to perform their daily tasks so they can equip their teammates with what they’ve learned.

Step 4
Build your customized training portal with Microsoft 365 training pathways to enhance the use of Microsoft 365 in your organization.

Step 5
Monitor the progress of the Microsoft 365 software with a Microsoft productivity score, which will update your organizational activities so you can make necessary improvements to get the best results with the Microsoft 365 software.

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