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Dan’s Thoughts: Microsoft Teams

Leveraging Microsoft Teams in 2022

By Dan Weddle

Over the last two years, as we have become increasingly more hybrid in our work environments, I have seen many companies migrate to various video conferencing apps. Whether it be the popular Zoom, Cisco WebEx, or Skype, many businesses have forgotten about a major underdog in the landscape: Microsoft Teams.

Office 365 has gained massive popularity with its iconic apps such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Those apps are tried and true, with many companies emulating the very same formula (I’m looking at you, Google G-suite). However, Microsoft’s innovation doesn’t stop there. Those previously mentioned apps don’t begin to scratch the surface of the robust toolbox you have with O365; SharePoint, OneNote, and Yammer being stand-outs.

There is one outlier, though, that has proven successful in workplaces across the globe. Microsoft Teams launched in 2017 and has provided offices with excellent communication tools since.

Already Included

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, I was frustrated to see so many companies purchase a large sum of subscriptions for Zoom because they didn’t know Teams existed already in their previous purchase/migration of Microsoft O365.

If you have already purchased O365, there is simply no reason to add Zoom or another conferencing app as an additional expense. No sense in paying dual subscription fees when one works just as well (and BETTER!) than the other.

More Features

With experience in both Zoom/WebEx/Skype and Teams, Microsoft’s app is far superior, in my opinion. With major communication tools akin to Slack and Asana, this multi-purpose platform far surpasses “just a video conferencing app.”

Workflow is often interrupted when having to switch between a million different apps. Microsoft knows this, and that’s why it integrated many various tools in Teams.

A significant benefit of this app is the ability to work on documents in real-time with your co-workers, chat about different topics organized in “streams,” and schedule calls based on conversations. The app also connects with other O365 apps such as OneNote, SharePoint, and other third-party extensions.

Mail & Calendar

Another prominent feature for business professionals is the seamless integration to your Outlook email accounts and your Calendar (connects to iCal, Google, etc.). This is a significant feature that is often a tedious task in Zoom to accomplish.

Don’t Be Afraid

Adding a new technology or utilizing an existing one can be difficult. However, saving money, increasing productivity, and improving company communication are major benefits.

In 2022, consider switching to Teams. It may be just the right fit for your business.

Need help migrating and integrating Teams into your workflow? ProTech can assist with educating and training your employees. Email us today:

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