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Getting the most out your job search: How to partner with a recruiter

Staffing professionals are a great resource for finding open positions that meet your unique qualifications and needs – but you may not be taking full advantage of working with a recruiter. Successful job placements are the result of a collaborative effort between the recruiter and the candidate, so it’s important to create an active partnership during the process. We offer some helpful tips on how you can get the most out of your job search by partnering with your staffing professional.

Do your research.

There are two things to consider before beginning your job search: what your strengths are and how your recruiter can help you capitalize on them. First, before considering any open positions, it’s important to assess your skill set and what industries you would enjoy and succeed in. Taking time to reflect on your interests and strengths can help you and your recruiter search for open positions more effectively. It increases the likelihood that when you do secure a job, it’s the right fit for you.

Second, it’s important to get to know your recruiter and come prepared with questions before beginning the process. Every recruiter is different. Asking questions beforehand can help you determine if the recruiter has the best experience to help you land a job in your preferred industry. Finding the right fit is beneficial to both parties because it boosts the chances of a successful job placement.

Think outside the box.

Working with a staffing professional often allows you to see jobs that are not listed publicly, but that’s not the only advantage it gives you in the job market. Recruiters can also provide industry-specific advice on resumé formatting; objective outlooks on a job; guidance on marketing yourself to a company and so much more. If you are struggling to find the right industry, recruiters can also help you identify your strengths and provide honest feedback on your potential in a specific field.

Partnering with your recruiter can not only help you find more job opportunities, but also enhance your overall expertise about the process.

Communicate openly.

The staffing process is more than just saying yes or no to potential positions. In order to get the best results from your search, it’s important to communicate openly with your recruiter about your wants and needs in a job. Your recruiter is there to help you find the right fit, so they are interested in your personal requirements for a job.

Communicate your requirements before beginning the search so your recruiter can help you address any concerns and narrow down potential job opportunities. It’s also important to continue communicating your opinion throughout the staffing process so your recruiter can further refine opportunities to fit your needs. Communicating honestly with your recruiter can help establish the foundation for a successful, lasting job placement.

Jobs are not one size fits all, but actively partnering with your recruiter is a great way to help you find a job that fits you. The ProTech Staffing Services team has experienced and knowledgeable recruiters who are ready to partner with you to find the perfect fit – no matter what industry you are in. Contact us today to have our skilled recruiting team help you find the job you’ve been looking for!

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