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Is outdated tech costing your company?

“If it’s not broken, don’t fix it” is a wise adage to apply across many aspects of your life – but technology isn’t one of them. In the professional technology landscape, revolutionary ideas hit the marketplace on a regular basis. And while you don’t have to be a first adopter of every innovation that looks appealing, you do need to make ongoing improvements to your technology mix for several critical reasons.

A cost-benefit analysis often skews toward the benefit column.

Manual data entry, inefficient system connections and retrofitting old technology to meet new needs wastes time, frustrates employees and can produce sub-quality work. This costs your business in three critical areas: productivity, employee satisfaction and professional reputation. While purchasing and implementing new technologies can be expensive, the investment often recoups itself within a few months or years as you save time and streamline processes.

In the age of telecommuting, you need to be able to easily connect.

Many businesses are implementing hybrid or virtual workplace structures. Even if your entire staff is in the office, it’s highly unlikely that all of your vendor partners will be as well. Connecting with partners to create meaningful work requires an investment in technology that allows this to happen. Without modern equipment and software, forging meaningful intercompany relationships can be increasingly challenging.

Outdated technology is a security risk.

Sometimes, old technology works just fine. But the longer that a technology exists in the marketplace, the longer hackers have to infiltrate its systems. This is especially true of outdated hardware. Oftentimes, software will be patched and updated over time to increase security measures, but it is much harder to do this for hardware. When you let technology linger past its prime, your company is at an increased risk of cybercrime.

Your customers expect a seamless experience.

Have you changed dinner plans because you couldn’t book a reservation online? Or, have you found yourself frustrated that you had to pay a bill over the phone instead of doing it online? Customers increasingly make decisions based on the ease of doing business with a specific company. As consumers become more tech savvy, part of their expectation is to be able to seamlessly engage with a vendor online. If your systems are outdated and hard to navigate for the end user, you could lose out on future business.

With these benefits in mind, you might still struggle to discern which opportunities are truly helpful and which expenses are frivolous. That’s where ProTech comes in. Our team of expert IT professionals can develop a managed service plan to meet your technology needs. With our help, you can implement and train your team on new technology that will transport your business into a more productive future. Ready to get started? Connect with us today.

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