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IT Help Desk and Service Desk Support

Do you know that the use of ITSM capabilities in business functions, be it enterprise service management or other type of businesses will help to improve their operation and outcome, causing IT help desk offices to grow more popularity in 2022?

However, this is also in line with the fact that more than 50% of the customers expect an organization to be available 24/7 for support. In order to be able to achieve meet up with your customer’s demand and also improve the company’s operation and outcome, IT help desk office and services desk support is one of the ways to achieving these goals.

IT service desk and services desk support are the operating sector of an organization’s IT department that is designed to keep the operation running smoothly. However, the IT service desks help to handle everything that has to do with operation from individual technical problems to problems that have to do with system outage, thereby providing a single point of contact (SPOC) for IT users to evidently and efficiently interact well with the organization’s IT branch.

The help desk has been in existence for years since the advent of call centers because they help to serve quick and easy ways for customers to reach out and send their problems to companies, getting the problem solved. They also play a major role in making sure that customer is happily satisfied with the services of the company. Researches show that almost 52% of brands have reported that using technology helps them to deliver better customer service.

The Benefits of IT Service desk

IT service desk has different benefits it offers to businesses. They are:

  1. Align IT and business departments: IT service desks help to keep track and quicken communication between IT and other departments, thereby helping them to solve technical issues, avoid problems that are preventable and breakdowns. This can help you to create, assign, track and resolve tickets.
  2. It helps you to improve asset management: the IT service desk can serve as a center for all your organization’s hardware and software assets, helping you to keep any relevant contract, easy retrieval of information, asset valuation, configuration, maintenance, and lots more.
  3. It helps to enhance operational efficiency: The IT service desk according to ITIL guidelines helps to enable better IT-related strategy easily with the added advantages of planning and tracking of the necessary information.
  4. It helps you to make a data-driven decision: The IT service desk helps you to collect data and store them from issues, products, and the result of the performance. However, this helps to enable easy analysis that informs smart IT decisions.

However, the IT service desk serves as the center where organization and technology interact together. It is also the driving force that enables a business to search for and desire technological innovations to improve productivity. It also helps to enable updated, usable, and safe recent and current workflows.

There is a difference between the help desk and the service desk. A service desk helps to find solutions for customer service managers to better handle customers’ queries and get customers’ queries and complaints solved without leaving any loophole behind with the help of the support team. IT service desk has little to do with the customer’s complaints but ways in which business can operate efficiently and effectively.

Service desks help to align technology to meet their organization’s goal. To achieve this, it takes an IT management approach in establishing, implementing, and overseeing the organization’s technology strategies so that the business technology be efficient and be run smoothly. However, the help desk extends its reach beyond answering questions but also handling tasks that are technologically related. This includes:

  • Asset management.
  • Compliance for service level agreement.
  • Managing key IT system management tasks.
  • Managing entry-level ticket management service.

Help Desk Services and Support for your Business

In this present world where customer satisfaction is directly proportional to the growth of a business, the use of help desk services has a lot of benefits for your business. However, help desk solutions help to ensure that customers get satisfied and do not get annoyed over a problem regarding the product or the services rendered.

Resolving and solving customers’ complaints and requests fast helps to improve customers’ experience. They are likely to refer your company and also use your services again due to the satisfaction they got from using your product or services.

Statistics show that 77% of customers would recommend a brand to a friend after receiving a single positive experience.  This will go a long way in boosting sales and the growth of your business.

Companies without a helpdesk solution stand a chance to have annoyed and unsatisfied customers. No matter the system put in place in your company, if you don’t have a strategy that can help to resolve customers’ complaints and problems, there is a high possibility that you will lose customers.

There is a benefit you enjoy when you have an IT help desk and services desk support, they include; effective management of customer concerns, faster resolution of customer’s issues, prompt feedbacks for improvement, improves customer’s experience, a unified platform for all resources, rich knowledge-based for insights, unified platforms for all resources, and lots more. This is more reason why you need the help of an IT help desk and service desk support.

If you need help with your IT help desk and service desk support, you can reach out to us.

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