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Managed IT Services: Do You Need It?

Among the devastating effects of the COVID-19 crisis is the suffering of countless businesses who have been impacted by the sudden and extreme loss of revenue. With managed IT services, businesses can significantly reduce costs and ensure business continuity, even while working remotely.

As IT infrastructure becomes increasingly complicated, businesses are spending more money on IT specialists to maintain their systems and devices. Managed IT services allows companies to spend less time on these daily operations by outsourcing this tedious work to IT experts who manage and maintain IT infrastructure from a remote location.

Managed Services for Business Continuity

  • Expertise – Managed IT service teams offer expert technicians with years of industry experience and deep knowledge of potential risks and vulnerability, which allows them to offer advanced insights into preventive solutions.
  • Proactive Planning – An expert IT team places greater emphasis on the overall strategy of the infrastructure rather than the smaller details, so that appropriate actions are taken in the present to ensure future goals are met.
  • Financial Savings –With a managed IT service team, companies will not need in-house IT specialists on payroll, but instead will have all the necessary resources to manage their infrastructure for a single, fixed monthly price.


ProTech’s Managed Services solution offers companies various capabilities to stabilize operations and to optimize costs.

Security: We provide companies with the necessary security products to protect your business from potential risks and to give you peace of mind knowing that your data is secure.

Strategy: ProTech’s dedicated team analyzes the current state of your business to build a unique strategic plan and to provide continuous guidance in order for your company to reach its goals.

Productivity: Our IT specialists create an environment in which there are minimal interruptions to workflow. We do our job, so your employees can do theirs.

Continuity: There are many reasons why workflow may cease, whether due to repairs, unplanned outages or natural disasters, but with ProTech’s services, your business can continue even during these times.

Visibility: Not only do we want to provide you with IT support, but we want to give you access to understand our processes and solutions that support your business

Does Your Business Need an IT Health Check?

In an effort to help those companies affected by the current crisis, ProTech Services Group is offering companies an IT Health Check to evaluate current business capabilities and vulnerabilities, all from a remote location. The IT Health Check includes an examination of the following:

  • Disaster Recovery, Backup, and Incident Response
  • Network Security
  • Network Design
  • Identify Remote Worker Capabilities
  • Evaluate Physical IT Concerns

This assessment allows ProTech specialists to provide accurate recommendations to your business and to develop a unique and targeted strategic plan.

Experienced Managed IT Services Provider in Memphis:

Contact our Managed Services Team to develop your own strategic plan and to learn more about our Bundle Services. To help the local companies move forward during the Pandemic, we are now offering discounted packages during the month of May. Call us for details!

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