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Microsoft Teams | Collaborate Securely from Anywhere

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration platform built to meet modern workplace needs. This application enables continuous communication among team members and seamless toggle to a range of Microsoft 365, all located within the platform, for real-time collaboration functionality. With so many employees seeking companies which can accommodate remote-working, modern companies are beginning to make the necessary updates. Microsoft Teams can help with this transition, as it available for use on mobile devices, as well as desktops and laptops, meaning you can be connected everywhere and anywhere.

Microsoft Teams is a complete solution for any business looking for an upgraded tool that is protected, efficient and reliable.

Microsoft Teams Platform

A Secure Platform
As a cloud-based application, Microsoft Teams offers unparalleled security. All files and documents are safely stored in a single, central location and, thanks to cloud technology, will not be lost, stolen or deleted. While all older versions of each document are saved and accessible, users only collaborate on the latest version, ensuring that only the most relevant comments and changes are available.

An Efficient Platform
Email is a popular tool used by most companies to perform some communication and collaboration functions; however, it often creates a large workplace inefficiency when team members are frequently sending revisions between members and can find themselves with multiple versions of the same document, often containing inconsistent information. Microsoft Teams is a holistic solution which offers a wide range of meeting, call, chat, and collaboration tools. With a single sign-on, users can access to a number of Microsoft 365 applications on which they can collaborate with teams or other users, all within a single platform. And with the ability to add connectors and bots, including third party applications, the Microsoft Teams platform can be adapted to include all functions necessary for day-to-day activities, making this a truly complete platform.

MS Teams work from anywhere

A Reliable Platform
No matter if you are on-the-go using your mobile device, at home on the web, or at the office on your desktop, Microsoft Teams can be accessed in a variety of formats on almost any device. With the fully functional platform available as a mobile app, Web version, or desktop application, you can easily collaborate, quickly communicate, and be sure that you will always be connected.

Experienced Service Provider in Memphis:

Microsoft Teams ensures continuous and instant communication and collaboration among your employees anytime, anywhere. The specialists at ProTech Services Group want to help your business adopt the platform by creating a customized plan to integrate Microsoft Teams into your business strategy.

Contact your local Memphis IT service provider today to learn more!

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