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ProTech and Tech901 Partnership: Good for Business, Good for Memphis

ProTech and Tech901 Partnership: Good for Business, Good for Memphis

When ProTech Services Group, Inc. won the contract for a three-year deployment of new computers for the entire system of an extremely large medical provider in the Memphis area, President and CEO Dan Weddle knew the project would benefit from partnering with Tech901. “We needed to hire a significant team of technicians,” he says.

He found just what he needed in a current, long-term partner: Tech901, a non-profit organization that provides adult technology training for new careers in IT in the Mid-South. ProTech has been working with Tech901 since their inception in 2015. Thanks to an excellent working relationship with their management team, the two companies were already good partners. And Tech901’s outstanding curriculum and stellar reputation for teaching students the value of commitment made them a perfect fit for the project.

“Entry level IT jobs are like many other entry level positions; new hires will jump to other opportunities for a small increase in pay,” Dan continues. “But Tech901 teaches their students the value of earning a good experience and staying with a company for a good tenure. I was hopeful that candidates from Tech901 would be more committed and less likely to turnover as quickly as other potential hires. I was right. Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in a while! Tech901 was very supportive and produced many excellent candidates. We continue to be pleased with the results.”

Under the contract, the ProTech-Tech901 team works within a medical facility to remove and replace old computers with up-to-date, high-quality models. The job includes all accessories such as keyboards, mice, and monitors. The team is also responsible for taking all used equipment to ER2, the recycling partner in Memphis. In the final step of the process, the team must power up the new computers and connect them to the medical network to ensure proper operation. Depending on the size of the facility, the ProTech-Tech901 team could be at a location anywhere from weeks to six months.

“Tech901 has a fantastic reputation in the IT community,” Dan adds. “As a non-profit workforce development organization that exists to equip and train both career changers and students in IT skills, they offer great value to the community and to partners like us.”

The partnership has benefits for Tech901 as the organization strives to be top-of-mind for Memphians wanting to start a technology career.  “ProTech was one our earliest and most vocal supporters,” Aaron Lamey, Executive Director of Tech901, says. “Dan and his team have launched the careers of several of our graduates. Their willingness to hire certified, entry-level talent is exactly the kind of partnership we know makes the difference for the local IT industry.”

The collaboration between ProTech and Tech901 is a testament to the success that can arise when businesses and nonprofits join together for a common goal. With a foundation of mutual trust and shared values, the strategic partnership is beneficial for both companies – and makes a positive contribution to the Memphis community. As a shining example of effective collaboration, the ProTech-Tech901 alliance serves as an inspiration for other businesses and organizations looking to make a positive impact on both their industries and the communities they call home.

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