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Staffing 101: Are you hiring efficiently?

For some companies, day-to-day operations take precedence, pushing recruitment efforts to the back burner. For others, recruitment is an ongoing process, but they’re coming up with lackluster results. No matter what issue you’re seeing with your company, it’s crucial to refine your hiring process – especially when dealing with a tight labor market as is our current reality.

If you look closely at your company’s current practices, you may find that your HR department is experiencing certain efficiency gaps – we see it all the time! There are several areas where organizations uncover challenges when recruiting new employees. Below, we outline ways to combat a few of them.

Build a strong employer brand

Your employer brand is your organization’s reputation – it’s what potential hires and the general public think of your company. Now more than ever, it’s crucial to create a robust and attractive employer brand. In fact, according to LinkedIn, over 75% of job seekers research a potential employer’s brand and reputation before they apply. To establish and uphold your company’s brand, initiate practices such as defining your key messages, responding to online reviews, showcasing your company’s culture online, etc.

Businesses plagued with a bad reputation find it hard to attract new talent and retain hired employees. According to HR Daily Advisor, 50% of surveyed job seekers said that they wouldn’t work for a company that has a bad reputation – even if they’ll receive a higher salary. A robust talent brand helps build a dynamic workforce, influences company success and dictates if strong candidates will join you – or your competitor.

Move as quickly as possible

Slow hiring hurts organizations. According to Aptitude Research, about 25% of companies say their time-to-fill is still more than 90 days, despite advances with virtual hiring. Slow hiring can manifest into high applicant drop-off rates, poor new-hire retention and even ghosting. Each of these create extra work and incur cost for talent acquisition teams already strapped for resources.

Your hiring timeline is an important factor when it comes to how much an open position can cost a company. The longer a position is open, the higher the cost – due to a loss in productivity and diverting resources. Working with a staffing firm can help decrease the time and productivity loss.

Improve your interviews

Interviews are a time where your team has the opportunity to be open and honest about what it’s like to work for your company. However, they also come with their own set of problems, especially if hiring managers are put in front of candidates with little to no explanation of how they should be interacting with or evaluating the potential hires. It’s integral for companies to set up a structured and unbiased interview system.

It can be a challenge to focus on finding the best applicant for a given position when you already have your hands full with other responsibilities. You want to take your time and perform the necessary due diligence, but extra time is something you may not have. A staffing agency, such as ProTech, is a middleman for your company, eliminating most of the time-consuming hiring tasks. An agency can save businesses time by quickly identifying candidates; offer flexible and temporary staffing arrangements; and reduce the potential legal risks if a candidate is let go. Contact us today to have our skilled recruiting team help you find the talent you’ve been searching for!

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